Quad Remesher User Documentation :


I have an issue when installing or using QuadRemesher, how to fix it?

You can read the following page to find workarounds, or to fix issues: Troubleshooting issues
(or download the User Documentation, and read the « Troubleshooting installation issues » in paragraph A.1)

For which software and OS, is Quad Remesher available and compatible?

QuadRemesher is available for:
3dsMax (from 3dsMax 2016)
Maya (from Maya 2012 – not compatible with Maya LT),
Blender (from Blender 2.8)
Cinema4D (from Cinema4D R14 to latest (R23))
Modo. (from Modo 10)
Houdini (tested from Houdini 17.0)
It’s available on Windows and macOS.
It’s not available for Linux yet (contact me if your are interested in Linux version)
There is a non-official version of « QuadRemesher Bridge for Blender » which works on Linux through WINE here
As QuadRemesher is using import/export features of the software, it may not work in DEMO versions, if export/import is locked.
Contact me if you need QuadRemesher for other softwares.

—————————- Questions about licenses ——————————

Should I reinstall the plugin after having installed a Trial and purchased a license ?

No. The installer/plugin are exactly the same for the Trial and for the paid version.
Technically, the only difference is that the paid version provides you with a license Key which allows you to unlock the plugin from being restrained to 1 month.
So, you just need to:
– click on « License Manager » button : this will say that you are using QuadRemesher in Trial mode. click on « DEACTIVATE » button in order to leave the Trial mode.
– click on « License Manager » button again: and enter your email + license key and click on ACTIVATE button in order to use your purchased license.

I have lost my License Key(s), how can I retrieve them?

Go to https://exoside.com/mylicenses/ page.
Fill your email (the one used for purchasing the licenses)
You will receive an email containing all your licenses.

What is the difference between a Subscription and a Perpetual License ?

Using a Subscription License, requires to pay recurring fees in order to run and use the software. You can cancel your subscription when you want. Cancelling a subscription will end your access to the software at the end of the current subscription period. The upgrades are free of charge when using a Subscription license.
Perpetual Licenses have higher cost but no recurring fees. The license is yours forever. The minor upgrades (1.0 -> 1.1 -> 1.2 …) are free of charge for Perpetual licenses, but major upgrade (1.0 -> 2.0) are not.

Can I buy Floating licenses of Quad Remesher.

Not yet!
Quad Remesher has no floating license system. Please contact us if you need it.

When can I cancel a subscription ?

At any time you want!
You will still be able to use the software until the end of the subscription period (3 months).

How can I manage my subscription ? (cancel, renew, switch auto/manual…)

Visit this page : https://secure.2co.com/myaccount/
Login, with the email used during purchase.
Then you will be able to manage your subscription (cancel, re-start…)
You can find more information in this pdf: Manage Subscriptions

Can I use, install and activate QuadRemesher on multiple computers with one license?

With one license, you can install, activate and use QuadRemesher on 2 computers as long as these 2 computers are owned and used by the same person, the owner of the license.

Can I move my license from one computer to another ?

YES! if you change your computer later, you will be able to move your license. The procedure is explained in the Documentation.

Can I use Quad Remesher offline ?

YES for the paid versions:
The Paid versions (Perpetual and Subscriptions) can be used offline.
On a computer without access to internet, the « activate » button will guide you to the offline activation process. You will have to transfer one file back and forth between the offline computer and one online computer. (just read and follow instructions).
NO for the Trial version:
The Trial version needs to have access to internet. You can only try Quad Remesher online.

How to uninstall QuadRemesher?

The procedure is different for each software. It’s described in the documentation.