In April 2022, QuadRemesher has been integrated natively in the brand new Cinema4D release R26.
It’s integrated as an option in the Remesh modifier (under the name ZRemesher)

As a consequence, QuadRemesher for Cinema4D won’t be available anymore « as a plugin » to new QuadRemesher users.
« New » QuadRemesher user means someone who has been registered on this website for downloading, testing or using QuadRemesher AFTER the release date of Cinema4D R26 (20th of April 2022)

All existing users (either with an existing paid license, or just having used a trial) will be allowed to have acces to QuadRemesher for C4D.

Owners of perpetual license can, of course, continue to use QuadRemesher.

Owners of Subscription licenses, will be allowed to renew there subscription as long as desired.

Existing users (in general), will be able to have access to QR for C4D.

As it’s not available to all users, QuadRemesher for Cinema4D product has been removed from the buy page.
If you are an existing user and want to buy QuadRemesher for C4D, please use the following links:
Purchase Link for : QuadRemesher for C4D, Perpetual PRO
Purchase Link for : QuadRemesher for C4D, Perpetual Indie
Purchase Link for : QuadRemesher for C4D, Subscription

In order to know if you are an existing or a new user, you can go to the download page, if have access to QuadRemesher for C4D download, then you are an « existing » user. If not, this means that you are a « new » user.

NB: do not buy the product, if you have no access to the download links of the product.