My name is Maxime.
I’m working in CG industry as a developper from 2000 and I recently founded my own company « Exoside ».

  • 2000-2006

I started to work in the CG industry in 2000 by working on Amapi and Hexagon softwares.

  • 2006-2010

In 2006, I joined the Pixologic team to work on ZBrush.
Working on such an amazing and widely used software was highly motivating.
I first worked on the DecimationMaster plugin.
The 2nd step has been to develop the UVMaster algorithm.
I was very excited to do these contributions to the ZBrush community and more generally to the digital sculpting industry.
I also participated to GoZ and 3DPrintingExporter plugins.

  • From 2011

I decided to create my own company « Exoside ».
My goal was to have the freedom to choose on what I will be working on.
This lead me to create an automatic remesher which is now integrated in ZBrush : ZRemesher

I also developped some plugins for Sketchfab and Augment.

Recently I released ZSceneMgr, a plugin for ZBrush dedicated to facilitate the management of SubTools.

In parallel, I’m working for companies as a freelancer.
I worked for Backlight Studio, combining 3 technologies (Oculus RiftUnreal Engine 4 and Leap Motion) to deliver an immersive experience for PointP
I also worked for Exosun and VSG 3D

  • Today….

Be sure that I’m still thinking on how I can contribute to the CG community…