License types and pricing

You can purchase different types of licenses for Quad Remesher:          (see license agreement for more complete informations)

  • Perpetual Pro license: $ 109.90.      (VAT excluded)
    This is a perpetual license, usable for commercial purpose.
  • Perpetual Indie non-commercial  license: $ 59.90 .     (VAT excluded)
    This is a perpetual license, NOT usable for commercial purpose.
  • Subscription license: $ 15.99 for 3 months.    (VAT excluded)
    This is a subscription license, usable for commercial purpose.
    All upgrades are free of charges during the subscription period. (see more below…) 
  • For ALL softwares license: Perpetual Pro: $ 139.90 or as Subscription : $22.99 for 3 months (VAT excluded)
    While the 3 licenses above are dedicated to one software (ex: Quad Remesher For Maya), this extra license type allows to use Quad Remesher on multiple softwares on the same machine.
    This is a perpetual license, usable for commercial purpose.

Purchase a license  (or renew a subscription)

To buy a license of Quad Remesher, please choose the target software and license type below.
You will be redirected to our official reseller (2checkout).

Upgrade a license

If you want to upgrade your license (from « Indie » to « PRO », or « for single Software » to « for ALL softwares »),
please visit this page : Upgrade page

Important Notes:

Just after the purchase process (in 2checkout web store), you will receive emails containing the download link and your license keys. (This can take from few minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.)
So, it’s important to:
– Fill a valid email on 2checkout’s web store.
– Keep your License Keys (for future re-installation…)

Follow us on orto be informed of future updates.

About Subscriptions management: (cancel, renew, swith Auto/Manual renewal)

If you buy a ‘Subscription’ license, by default, you will have to renew your subscription every 3 months manually.
If you want Automatic renewal, check the « Enable auto-renewal for this order » in the 2nd page of 2checkout web store.
You can manage your existing subscriptions HERE
. (About Managing your Subscriptions)

License Keys retrieval:

If you have lost your license keys (from previous purchase):
Visit this page: MyLicenses page.
Enter your email (the email used during purchase and activation process), click on « Submit ».
You will automatically receive an email with all your license keys.

Note for Resellers:

If you are a reseller: you will want to buy some licenses of QuadRemesher in the name of your client, and transfer them to your client.

Here is the process to follow:
– click on the  ‘Buy’ button above (after having selected the Software and License)
– On 2checkout webstore:
. as ’email’ : enter your own email
. other fields must be filled with your client’s informations (Company, Name….)
– After purchase, you will have to transfer the license to your client: go on this page for this purpose: