License types and pricing

You can purchase different types of licenses for Quad Remesher:          (see license agreement for more complete informations)

  • Perpetual Pro license: $ 109.90.      (VAT excluded)
    This is a perpetual license, usable for commercial purpose.
  • Perpetual Indie non-commercial  license: $ 59.90 .     (VAT excluded)
    This is a perpetual license, NOT usable for commercial purpose.
  • Subscription license: $ 15.99 for 3 months.    (VAT excluded)
    This is a subscription license, usable for commercial purpose.
    All upgrades are free of charges during the subscription period. (see more below…) 
  • For ALL softwares license: Perpetual Pro: $ 139.90 or as Subscription : $22.99 for 3 months (VAT excluded)
    While the 3 licenses above are dedicated to one software (ex: Quad Remesher For Maya), this extra license type allows to use Quad Remesher on multiple softwares on the same machine.
    This is a perpetual license, usable for commercial purpose.

Purchase a license  (or renew a subscription)

To buy a license of Quad Remesher, please choose the target software and license type below.
You will be redirected to our official reseller (2checkout).

Upgrade a license

If you want to upgrade your license (from « Indie » to « PRO », or « for single Software » to « for ALL softwares »),
please visit this page : Upgrade page

Important Notes:

Just after the purchase process (in 2checkout web store), you will receive emails containing the download link and your license keys. (This can take from few minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.)
So, it’s important to:
– Fill a valid email on 2checkout’s web store.
– Keep your License Keys (for future re-installation…)

Follow us on orto be informed of future updates.

About Subscriptions management: (cancel, renew, swith Auto/Manual renewal)

If you buy a ‘Subscription’ license, by default, you will have to renew your subscription every 3 months manually.
If you want Automatic renewal, check the « Enable auto-renewal for this order » in the 2nd page of 2checkout web store.
You can manage your existing subscriptions HERE
. (About Managing your Subscriptions)

License Keys retrieval:

If you have lost your license keys (from previous purchase):
Visit this page: MyLicenses page.
Enter your email (the email used during purchase and activation process), click on « Submit ».
You will automatically receive an email with all your license keys.

Note for Resellers:

If you are a reseller: you will want to buy some licenses of QuadRemesher in the name of your client, and transfer them to your client just after the purchase process.

Here is the process to follow:
– click on the  [Buy …] button above (after having selected the Software and License)
– On 2checkout webstore:
. as ’email’ : enter your own email
. other fields must be filled with your client’s informations (Company, Name….)
– After purchase, you will have to transfer the license to your client: go on this page for this purpose:

Discount: We do not provide discount for resellers. You can add extra-charges to your client as long as you clearly specify the amount of the extra-charges to the final client.

Quotes: If you want to get the price of one of the QuadRemesher versions, select the Software and License fields above, and click on the [Buy ….] button. This will lead you to the reseller webstore, where you can see the price (with VAT details).