ZSceneManager’s documentation is available here:

It includes:
– install/upgrade instructions
– activation instructions (for PRO licenses)
– user documentation

Here you can find informations about all features added in all versions (1.1 -> 1.8)

Here you can find the « End User License Agreement » (for both Free and PRO versions)

We also invit you to watch the tutorial videos:


  • « Is ZScene Manager compatible with ZBrush 2019? »

ZScene Manager works well with ZBrush 2019 but it will not detect nor use the new folders introduced in ZBrush 2019.
In other words, it works with ZBrush 2019, the same way it works with ZBrush 2018.

  • « How to upgrade ZSceneManager ? »

To upgrade ZSceneManager (for example from V1.05 to V1.1), you just need to:
– remove previous ‘ZSceneMgr.zsc’ and ‘ZSceneMgrData’ folder in ‘ZStartup/ZPlugs[64]‘ folder.
– copy the new ones (V1.1)
Then you can restart ZBrush and ZSceneManager.

  • « How Can I retrieve my license keys if I lost it ? »

Go on this page : Licenses Retrieval page
Enter your email (the email used during purchase and activation process), click on Submit.
You will automatically receive an email with all your license keys.

  • « Do I need to re-activate my PRO license after upgrading ZSceneManager ? »

No! ZSceneManager will still recognize your PRO license activation after an upgrade.
All options you were using before are also maintained!

  • « Can I do offline activation ? »

YES! If ZBrush is installed on a computer with no internet access, you can do an « offline activation ». The process is described in ZSceneManager’s documentation (above).

  • « How and where are stored grouping datas? Are there compatibility issues with ZBrush users who don’t have ZSceneManager ? »

ZTL and ZPR files can be shared between users with ZSceneManager and users without ZSceneManager!
All grouping informations are stored in SubTools names. (using specific character ‘_’ if you checked the MAYA compatible option (by default) or ‘#’ and ‘@’ with this option unchecked)
As a consequence, they are naturally saved in ZTL and ZPR files.

Let’s imagine that you have a ZTL saved on your disk with folders/groups inside made with ZScneManager.
You can send the ZTL to a coworker who don’t have ZSceneManager installed.
He can modify/sculpt some SubTools, save the ZTL and send it back to you.
You will still have your groups defined in ZSceneManager window!

Your co-worker can even change SubTool names BUT he MUST NOT change the part of the SubTool name which is after the first ‘__’ (or ‘#’) !

  • « Is there a forum where I can post comments, feedback or requests ? »

Unfortunatly, I have no time to create and manage a forum.
Anyway, there is a dedicated thread on ZBrushCentral: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?198711-ZSceneManager-plugin
If you have a question which is not interesting for the community, please ask me by email using the contact form.(ex: install issues…)
Feature requests and comments are typically more interesting things for the community. Please use the thread in this case.

  • « When I launch ZSceneManager, my computer seems to freeze as soon as I want to move, resize or close ZSceneManager’s window! Why? »

NB: This issue should be fixed with ZSceneManager V1.05 !
This is a bug. It appears on few computers only and only on Windows 7. It will be fixed in future versions of ZSceneManager.
But right now, you can overcome this issue with the following workaround:
– launch ZSceneManager,
– Before moving or resizing the window
Right-Click to open the menu,
go to « Options… » sub menu,
and enable « Use System Windows style »
This will use standard system windows style instead of the specific windows stlye.
And your computer will not freeze anymore!!