Quad Remesher program for Schools

Exoside offers free licenses (« Student license ») of QuadRemesher for students of registered schools under the following conditions :

  • « Student licenses » are offered for the period from September to August of the current year.
  • « Student Licenses » can be used to activate and use QuadRemesher on the student’s own personal computer, and only for this purpose. This is not allowed to use these licenses on School’s workstations.
  • « Student Licenses » shall not be used for commercial usage.
  • Exoside can accept and register schools at its own discretion.

How to get « Student Licenses » ?

  • A representative of the school must contact Exoside via the contact page (exoside.com/contact)

and provide:
. The school name
. The school address and website
. A short description of the class or program for which students would need Quad Remesher.
. The number of students involved in this class/program.
. an email address to be used for the license keys.

The « representative» can be either:
. an official member of the school,
. or one student who will be in charge of distributing the licenses to other students. In this case, the initial request must include the email of an official member of the school (a teacher for example) and this official member must declare which student will be the « representative ».

  • If accepted, Exoside will provide a list of license keys to the school, and the representative will distribute the license keys to the students. All those license keys will be attached to a single email address (preferably the one of the representative). Each license key will allow to activate one computer.