A brand new plugin for ZBrush dedicated to
SubTools management !

  • SubTool organizer:
  • group and reorder your SubTools in a dedicated window

  • Sculpt & paint multiple SubTools simultaneously !



All your SubTools and folders in a dedicated window:


ZSceneManager 1.6 is released!

(This upgrade is free of charge)

  • Compatible with ZBrush 4R8 !
  • New Columns (Sym, Noise, Mask, DoubleDisplay, DynSubD)
  • Bug fix...


ZSceneManager 1.4 is released!

(This upgrade is free of charge)

  • More SubTools renaming functions (add or remove prefix and suffix, find and replace)
  • Mask Layers...
  • Buffers Window (improves the "Merge for Sculpt" with masking capabilities...)
  • Align/Center SubTools features.
  • Copy/Paste SubTools functions.

What is ZSceneManager?

  • It's is a SubTool organizer:
    This plugin for ZBrush allows to hierarchically arrange and group your SubTools into folders in a dedicated window.
    Simply create, merge or delete your groups.
    Then a simple drag and drop system allows you to move and reorder your SubTools.

  • It also provides the ability to work on multiple SubTools simultaneously
    The 'Merge for Sculpt/Paint' feature provides a simple way to work on multiple SubTools all-as-one at any subdivision level.
    It becomes easy to sculpt, paint, move, rotate, scale multiple subtools simultaneously.

  • Based on multi-SubTools selection, you will be able to easily execute actions on multiple SubTools in a single click. (renaming, deleting, merging, change visibility...)
  • Advanced renaming functions: Add or remove prefix and suffix, incremental renaming, find-and-replace...
  • Save masking and polygroups with 'Buffers Window'.....
  • Visibility configs allows to quickly switch between different configurations of your Tools.
  • More generally, ZSceneManager greatly improves and speeds up your workflow when you work on a lot of SubTools.
  • ... more features coming soon.....