ZSceneManager Overview video : (presented features: open plugin, SubTools multi-selection, create groups, rename, merge SubTools…)

ZSceneManager 1.4 – New features presentation: (presented features: new SubTools renaming functions, Mask Layers, Buffers Window, Copy/Paste SubTools…)

ZSceneManager 1.2 – New features presentation: (presented features: Multi-SubTools Sculpting/Painting/Posing, HotKeys, UserCommands…)

ZSceneManager 1.2 – ‘Merge for Sculpt’ feature: (multi-SubTool sculpting, posing, painting and scale/move/rotate)

ZSceneManager 1.1 used in production by Backlight Studio (presented features: Visibility Configs & TPoseMesh features)

Visibility Configs: Learn how to create and use Visibility Configs. (presented features: Visibility Configs)

How to install and Activate ZSceneManager: