The PRO version is the « FULL » version. It contains all the features without limitations.

The “FREE version” contains all the PRO features except:

  • “GoZ selected”
  • “Export Obj Selected”
  • “Export FBX Selected”

Moreover, the “FREE Version” has the following limitations:

  • It works only with your first 25 subtools.
    If you have less than 25 subtools, you will not see this limitation.
    If you have more than 25 subtools, you will be able to work with the 1st 25 subtools only. The other subtools will not be editable, neither selectable.
  • You can only store 2 Visibility Configs.
  • ‘TPoseMesh’ is limited to 4 SubTools.
  • ‘Merge for Sculpt’ is limited to 4 SubTools.
  • You can’t add/edit User Commands.
  • You can’t choose which columns are displayed (all columns are displayed).
  • You can’t use it for commercial projects.

The PRO and FREE versions are using the same installation of ZSceneManager plugin.
After installing ZSceneManager, you are by default in ‘FREE‘ mode.
After activating your PRO license, you will be in ‘PRO‘ mode. All features will be enabled, without limitations.
If you deactivate your license, you will be back in ‘FREE‘ mode. Then you can re-activate your PRO license…
You don’t need to reinstall the plugin each time you want to switch between FREE and PRO