Troubleshooting installation issues :

  •   QuadRemesher for Modo install issues

When you drag and drop the lpk, modo performs the installation of the plugin.
It may return an error message if
– It can’t find the target ‘Kit’ folder
– or, it has no right to write in the Kit folder.
In this case, the workaround is to install it manually:
– Rename the .lpk as .zip
– Extract the ‘QuadRemesher’ folder inside the zip
– Open modo, click on ‘Open Content Folder’
(or ‘Open User folder’, this location will work as well)
– In the Explorer/Finder, enter in the ‘Kit’ folder.
Copy the “QuadRemesher” folder extracted from the zip into the ‘Kit’ folder
Close and restart modo .

  • QuadRemesher for MAYA install issues

In the ‘quick start‘ video, we want to install in “C:\Users\All Users\ Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\”.
1 – NB: on windows, “C:\Users\All Users\” is exactly the same folder than “C:\ProgramData\”.
So you can install in “C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins”, this will be strictly equivalent.
2 – On macOS : The “QuadRemesher” folder extracted from the zip must be copied in:
3 – The “C:\Users\All Users\ Autodesk\” folder should already exist if Maya is installed. (/Users/Shared/Autodesk/ on macOS).
BUT, the folder “ApplicationPlugins” may not already exist ! (“ApplicationAddins” on macOS)
In this case, CREATE it manually! (take care of typo !)

  • QuadRemesher for BLENDER install issues

What you get after downloading the addon is a bridge between Blender and the Remeshing-Engine (the algorithm).
The zip doesn’t contain the Remeshing-Engine.
So the first time you click on « Remesh It » (or « License Manager ») button, the addon will automatically download and install the remeshing engine. It will install it in:
. Windows : C:\ProgramData\Exoside\QuadRemesher\Datas_Blender\QuadRemesherEngine_1.0
. macOS: /Users/Shared/Exoside/QuadRemesher/Datas_Blender/QuadRemesherEngine_1.0
If the addon doesn’t work as expected the 1st time, check if this folder has been created.
If, for some reasons, the addon can’t download the engine automatically, you will have to do it manually. You can download it here :
And extract it in the appropriate folder (described few lines above).
ex: On Windows, the following path must be valid:
C:\ProgramData\Exoside\QuadRemesher\Datas_Blender\QuadRemesherEngine_1.0 \xremesh.exe

Troubleshooting running issues :

  • General issues:

On Windows:
You can get this kind of error: “The program can’t start because MSVCR120.dll is missing…
In this case, you will need to download and install Microsoft’s Redistibuable Packages for Visual Studio 2013.
You can find it here :
(or google : “Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package (x64)”)

If you get: “The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing…
In this case, you will need to download and install Microsoft’s Redistibuable Packages for Visual Studio 2008.
You can find it here:
(or google : “Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64)”)

On MacOS:
The plugin contains executables which are not signed. For this reason, the plugin may fail to run the algorithm or the license manager. You can do the following workaround:
– NB: you don’t need to quit the software (Maya, Cinema 4D, modo, Blender…).
– Navigate to the folder where QuadRemesher is installed. The easiest is to search these files on your disk : « xrLicenseManager » or « xremesh ».
– Right-click, or Control-click on each of the following files and choose ‘Open’ in the dialog that comes up.
   List of files to process:
    ChSolver.dylib + libfbxsdk.dylib + xremesh + xremeshlib.dylib + xrLicenseManager
Basically, you’re telling macOS that you’re trusting the software.
Once all executable files are processed, the plugin should work.
NOTE: When you select « Open » in the above workaround for each file, it will most likely open a Terminal window. You can simply close those windows.
NOTE2: We plan to fix this for the next version of QuadRemesher by signing the executables.

  • Antivirus issues:

QuadRemesher plugins needs to launch an executable which performs the remeshing. (xremesh.exe on windows, xremesh on macOS)
Some antivirus may block the execution of ‘xremesh.exe’ (Norton, for example). In this case you will get no result after clicking on « Remesh it! ».
The solution is to add an exception for the ‘xremesh.exe’ in your antivirus.

  • BLENDER issues:

QuadRemesher bridge for Blender relies on FBX import/export addon. So the FBX addon must be enabled (and installed…). If not, you will get an error when trying to remesh.

  • Cinema4D issues:

QuadRemesher plugin for C4D, needs to use the FBX importer/exporter of C4D. For this reason it can’t be used with Cinema4D Demo version because FBX import/export is disabled.

  • Turkey:

For some unknown reasons, my website and server is not accessible from Turkey, one user did a video to show how to activate from Turkey :