QR issues report guide

If you encounter an issue while installing or using QuadRemesher (either as a Trial or as a paid license):

The 1st thing to do is to read the Troubleshooting guide in order to find a fix or workaround.

If you do not manage to find a solution with this guide, please report the issue to our team:
1 – collect some informations as explained below. These informations are important for us to understand the issue in order to find a solution.
2 – contact us using the contact form.
(The contact form does not allow to send files, you will be able to send files by email in a second step)

  • Step1 :

If you do not see the QR plugin (button/window) in the host application:
First make sure that the plugin is enabled or activated in the host application.
Then, send us a screenshot of the content of the folder where the plugin is installed if you installed it manually (for C4D, Houdini and Maya)

Do you get a problem with all input mesh or only for a specific mesh ?
Test a remeshing on a simple cube.
If it works, your issue is related to a specific mesh. In this case, contact us, you will be able to send us your file in a second step by email.
If it fails, this is problably an issue related to the installation of QR or with the activation of your license. In this case, follow the steps below:

License Manager button test:
Click on [License Manager] button. Tell us if you see the License Manager application. (It may open behind the 3d app).

Remeshing error message ?
After clicking on « Remesh it » button, with a simple cube selected, if you get an error message, please take a screenshot and send it.

  • Remesher Engine logs:

Then, we will need the log files in order to understand the issue:
we will need ALL THE TEXT FILES STARTING with « _UserLog » in the remeshing engine folder.
(The remesher engine is the executable reponsible for computing the remeshing – the algorithm)

How to locate the remesher engine folder on your disk:
(NB: replace « 1.3 » by the appropriate version : MAJOR.MINOR)

For Blender and Houdini it should be:
. Windows : C:\ProgramData\Exoside\QuadRemesher\Datas_Blender\QuadRemesherEngine_1.3
. macOS: /Users/Shared/Exoside/QuadRemesher/Datas_Blender/QuadRemesherEngine_1.3
Linux: ~/.local/share/Exoside/QuadRemesher/Datas_Blender/QuadRemesherEngine_1.3
(for Houdini replace Datas_Blender, by Datas_Houdini)

For other Host Apps (3dsMax, Maya, modo, Fusion360) the remeshing engine is located near the plugin:
. Win: C:\Users\All Users\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\QuadRemesher1.3_Maya\Contents\QuadRemesher
. macOS: /Users/Shared/Autodesk/ApplicationAddins/QuadRemesher1.3_Maya/Contents/QuadRemesher
. Linux: ~/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins/QuadRemesher1.3_Maya/Contents/QuadRemesher

3dsMax: C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\20XX – 64bit\ENU\scripts\QuadRemesher_1_3

modo: Click on System Menu > Content Folder, then open the folders: ‘Kits’, ‘QuadRemesher’ and ‘Engine’.

Houdini and C4D: Where you have unzip the archive during installation.

Fusion360: C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\QuadRemesher_Fusion360.bundle\Contents\QuadRemesherEngine

  • License activation files:

Please send us the license files, ie. all the files which are in :
Windows: C:\ProgramData\Exoside\Licenses
macOS: /Users/Shared/Exoside/Licenses
linux: ~/.local/share/Exoside/Licenses

  • Of course, if we do not manage to find a solution, you will be refunded…